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The Heart Garden

A nurturing membership community

where you can rest, come home to your true self,

expand, grow and experience the joy in life.

The heart garden is a nourishing place of beauty inside you that will enrich, heal and empower you. This membership takes you there and will support you

to live from this space of peaceful presence and loving power.


The Heart Garden is a welcoming communal space

where we support each other to flourish.

Your First Month is Free
The Heart Garden - a place where...
You feel fully alive. You find your joy and live it.
Challenges transform into insight, opportunities, and growth.
Hurt and pain are soothed and healed. You walk the path your soul knows is ahead of you...with self-assured confidence.
You are guided, knowing, strong, rooted.
You are empowered, flourishing,
and know yourself to be
deeply, richly loved.

It's a community where we witness each other, in love, as we send vibrant roots into the soil
of our authentic selves.

We celebrate each other as we each grow ever more fully into
the love that we truly are.

And stand alongside each other as we heal anything in the way of that.
Your heart is what makes all this possible.
Your heart is the source of your peace, your power, your healing, your unlimited resources and your radiant love.

This isn't something outside you, to reach for. It is here, now, inside you. Glowing, ready, waiting for you to step into it.

It will guide you, heal you, enrich you, empower you and inspire you.

In The Heart Garden you can experience what it is like to live with this flowing inside you...and share in the joy of that with others.

Your membership of The Heart Garden includes...

Monthly Theme 
Each month we will dive into a theme that will open our hearts and connect us more fully to its power.

Heart-Powered Alignment Sessions 
These powerful group Zoom sessions will bring you into alignment with whatever you want to experience so it can flow into your life. This can be in any area - your finances, health, relationships, or business & career for example. In these sessions, your heart will activate your alignment to it, to bring it alive. You can read more about this here.

Library of Resources 
Access to an array of resources to help you open up to, activate, and use the immense power of your heart.

Quarterly Retreats 
Expanding the experience of heartful community these healing, empowering transformational events will support you on your journey of living from your joy.

Facebook Group to Connect and Share 
In the private Facebook group, you can ask questions, share, receive support, and relax in the beauty of the heart garden with others who also want to live from their heart's light. It's also the home hub for the monthly theme.
You Also Get 
15% off 1 to 1 sessions with me and 15% off future programmes and courses. You also get 50% discount on the Thrive Online Course. You will get discount codes when you join which you can use at any time that you are a member of The Heart Garden.
And...a Welcome Gift...!
The Journaling With Your Heart Collection
A beautiful bundle of resources that are designed to make it as easy as possible to communicate with your heart, hear its wisdom and receive its guidance, love, and support.

There are two membership levels.

All of the above is in the Flourish level of membership which is £15 per month.

If you would also like to have very personal support in a small coaching group

then you can upgrade to the Bloom level of membership which is £30.

(There are only 6 places for this).

See below for full details of the two packages and the special launch offer.

The Heart Garden is all shiny brand new.
It will evolve over time, so new things may be added as this garden grows.  

Lovely Comments From People Who Have Worked With Me
in 1 to 1 Sessions or on Courses
"An opportunity to take a deep journey into your heart to explore, discover a place within yourself that feels like coming home. A chance to experience wonderful teachings from a highly experienced coach with a wealth of knowledge who will guide and offer
a very warm and safe space to explore.

An opportunity to work in a 'small' group that gives
a chance to be heard and seen and met with care
and support. Its a chance to share where you're at
and be met by deep empathyand understanding. It's definitely an invitation that should not be turned down!"
Candy, Ilkley
"I learnt many new things about my heart, I can speak
to it, hold it, connect with it, ask it questions….
and generally overall how amazing
and powerful it is!"
Elyse, Manchester
"Working with Josie is simply life-transforming!
I have years of deep-rooted emotions that have had a significant impact on my physical,
emotional and spiritual health and doing Josie's heart guidance course, as well as the previous course
and 121s has really started to shift these emotions and allowed me to begin to heal. Since doing the heart guidance course I have had some profound spiritual experiences including reaching pure consciousness, something I never thought possible. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to
connect with their heart power and hear its wisdom."
Liz, Leeds

Launch Special Offer...!

Join now at the launch offer prices and NEVER pay any more
for the lifetime of your membership. 

So whenever the price goes up in the future - you only pay the amount you join with today.

Plus the first month of Flourish membership level is Free...!

Information, Terms and Conditions of Your Subscription

Joining is easy. First you create a membership account, then you are taken to a payment box. You put in your credit card details (which will not be charged until your second month of membership). And from there you are a member...with a big welcome from me...!

Your first month is free. After that your Membership will autorenew at the price of the plan you signed up with.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. 


When you sign up, you will have access to all The Heart Garden materials in the membership area which you can access at any time for as long as your are a member.


When you are a member and you want to access your account or enter the The Heart Garden membership area

go to the Member Login button in the bottom right of the screen. From there you can login and access content. You can also view or cancel your plan here. If you have any questions at all please do get in touch and I will do all I can to ensure you are happy.


Because this is a digital service and product there are no refunds on purchases.


Choose From Two Membership Options

The Heart Garden
Flourish Membership

£15 monthly
Nurturing Resources and Support
to Enable You to Flourish
Here's exactly what you get in The Heart Garden
Flourish Membership
  • Uplifting Monthly Theme

  • Monthly Heart-Powered Alignment Sessions

  • Library of Resources

  • Facebook Group for Q+A's and Connecting

  • Quarterly Retreats

  • 15% Discount on 1 to 1's With Me

  • 15% Discount on Future Courses


  • 50% Discount on Thrive Course

  • Welcome Gift

  • Can Cancel at Anytime

  • First Month is Free

The Heart Garden
Bloom Membership

£30 monthly
All of The Heart Garden Flourish Membership Plus a Monthly Coaching Call 
Here's exactly what you get in The Heart Garden
Bloom Membership
  • Uplifting Monthly Theme

  • Monthly Heart-Powered

       Alignment Sessions

  • Library of Resources

  • Facebook Group for Q+A's and Connecting

  • Quarterly Retreats

  • 15% Discount on 1 to 1's With Me

  • 15% Discount on Future Courses


  • 50% Discount on Thrive Course

  • Welcome Gift 

  • Can Cancel at Anytime



A Monthly

90 Minutes Group Coaching Call

Only 6 Places Available

Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions about 
The Heart Garden
please do let me know.
You can email me here.

And If you decide to join us in
The Heart Garden

I would be delighted to
welcome you there.

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