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Your heart is your most reliable inner guru of wisdom and guidance.

It knows everything about you from your sensitive fears to your deepest potential...

and it loves you unconditionally.

It knows just what you need, when you need it and how to access that.

You can rely on it to unravel confusion and dispel doubt. You can trust it to carry you forward in ways that are the most supportive for you.

The Heart Wisdom Guidance Cards are a gateway into your heart's immense power

to guide, heal and uplift you.

The Heart Wisdom Guidance Cards are simple to work with and easy to use…yet very powerful.

They will speak to you on a heart to heart level…helping you have a conversation
with the rich reservoir of love, insight and peace inside you.

I lovingly created the deck of 33 cards after 20 years of exploring my own heart power and sharing this with others in my work as a coach and therapist. The results have been transformational. The messages in the cards poured out from my own heart wisdom to answer the questions and challenges that we all have when yearning to move out of struggle and into flow. Into the place filled with our soul power.
The place of inner knowing, deep peace, calm confidence and juicy fulfilment.
The place of unconditional, universal love. The cards will carry you there.

The Heart Wisdom Guidance Cards are a navigation system to bring you back home to yourself. Back to the part of you that knows who you truly are. The part of you that is always

at peace, loving, resilient, and bright with joy. You can use them to help you

get back there if you have drifted away.

So if you are feeling confused or overwhelmed about your next step in life…draw a card

and reconnect with your inner guide that will show you the perfect route forward, for you.

If you are drained, empty or burnt out…draw a card and open the doorway

to an inexhaustible supply of fresh inner strength and peaceful power.

If you are feeling burdened by constant pressure in your personal life…

draw a card and notice how you are taken to a place inside yourself that

can face anything with empowered calm.

If you are distressed by what is happening in the world and don’t know how to handle that…

draw a card and let it help you take the first step to becoming the change you wish to see

in the world. Whatever you experiencing…draw a card and let it lead you to the peace, 

comfort, insight and support that is inside you now.

Or maybe you are already filled with calm peace and love…and wish to amplify your

brightness to experience even more delight, focus, passion and clarity…let the cards take you

into that too. Start your day with a card reading and root yourself in your deepest power.

Turn to the cards at points during the day, if you feel that you a have slipped away from

your loving centre, then plug back in to your true power source. Play with the cards…

love them…they will love you back with shining insight and warm tender care.

There are 4 Chambers in the Heart Wisdom Guidance Cards…Empowerment, Enrichment, Healing and Inspiration. Here is an example from each chamber…


I am excited to share the Heart Wisdom Guidance Cards with you…because I know
that they have such a lot to offer…! Like a basket of gems waiting for you to pick them up, hold them up to the light and experience that light filling you with rich insight and luminous wisdom.

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