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Instant Access 

Online Course

There is a part of you that is always deeply rooted in peace.

It is an ever-present reservoir of your

greatest strengths and qualities.


It’s ready to supply you with just what you need

in each moment, to face whatever is happening in your life

with calm confidence, trust and the sense that you are supported.

Activate your inner power through your you can thrive in challenging times.


Are you facing challenging times right now?


Are you moving through change that is pushing you into overwhelm, fear, distress or panic?

Do you feel like you are being stretched to your limit and are on the edge of burnout?


Are you uncertain about the future, worrying about what you need to do to survive?

Are you out of your comfort zone and struggling to cope? 
This course will bring you immediate relief and help you thrive
even though you are facing challenges.
All the elements of the course will be available instantly. 
You can use them straight away to help you ride the waves in your life.

What challenges are you facing?

Are you struggling to find the strength, confidence, trust, resilience or energy to cope?


Are you experiencing sadness, sorrow or grief that is weighing you down? 


Are you feeling confused and stuck, not knowing what to do for the best?

Maybe anger and frustration are building up to a stressful crescendo inside you?


Perhaps you feel lonely, disconnected and isolated? 

Or you might be facing money worries, career pressure, relationship stress, or health concerns.



Whatever circumstances you are experiencing and whatever emotional state that triggers in you…you have

within you the power to face it without resistance and expand beyond it. can breathe more easily, feel more relaxed and at peace in your body. You can respond from strength and calm confidence. And know that there is no outside circumstance that is bigger than your ability to handle it. You will feel stronger, calmer and more present....more YOU.

You have this power within you now.

It is already there, waiting for you to activate it.

And activating it is so much easier than you might think…!

All the strength, resources, abilities and special qualities that you need to resolve whatever challenge you are facing are held in your heart. Some of these qualities might be totally latent in you – so you are unaware they are even there.

Or maybe you have seen hints of the inner strength

that you need but it has felt elusive.

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This course will make it easy for you to discover the heart powers you need and activate them today.

The graphic below gives just a few examples of the challenging emotions or experiences that we

can often face in life…and the antidote inner powers that your heart will make available to you.

Heart Powers graphic no footer.png

This is a short list of examples of the inner powers, strengths and resources that your heart can provide.

The course includes a much longer list – as an easy reference tool along with other great supporting material.

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In this course, I will show you how to activate these inner powers
and experience the antidote energy they bring, flowing within you…uplifting you, expanding you and strengthening you so that you can ride the wave of the challenges in your life with calm confidence, peace, clarity and the sense that you are being supported by life.

More information about 


the course that will activate your inner power...through your heart

This unique course has 4 significant factors which combine to enable you to handle any challenge with greater ease, grace and move forward to a more successful, peaceful outcome.


These 4 factors are…


1. Your heart power is your biggest ally when it comes to handling stress in challenging times.

2. Your heart is the generator and guardian of all your inner powers. It is the reservoir from which you get the strengths and resources that will carry you through whatever challenge you are facing.

3. Your heart is your trustworthy inner guidance system. It will show you step by step how to proceed to resolve any challenge or stressful issue.

4. Your heart is the source of the most powerful healing energy in the universe. It can heal anything and everything.


In this course we put these 4 aspects together in 5 beautiful and nourishing steps which will bring immediate relief and benefits.



In the course you get…

  • An in-depth video workshop in two parts.

In Part One of the workshop I give you an overview of the 4 key factors that make your heart power so helpful in challenging times - so you will have the full picture of how it will support you.


In Part Two I guide you through the 5 key steps to putting your heart power into action, helping you apply the process to a specific issue that is a challenge in your life at the moment. You will then know exactly how to use it for any other areas of your life where you need support.


  • A workbook to print out and use during the workshop, which you can of course use again and again as you repeat the process.


And you also get…

  • A Supplementary video to support you in deepening your experience of the video workshop. 

​      The Healing Sanctuary of Your Heart  This is a powerful meditation to take you into the immense

       healing energy of your heart.


Along with…

  • 6 Supplementary documents and tools on PDF for you to download, which include…


  1. A beautiful graphic to remind you of the main steps at a glance.

  2. A guide which explains what heart guidance is and how to use it.

  3. A guide which helps you discern when your heart is guiding you.

  4. A step by step worksheet for accessing your heart’s wise guidance.

  5. A list of over 100 Heart Qualities…these are your superpowers…!

  6. Antidote List. This is a tool that builds on the Heart Qualities list to give the antidote for a variety of emotional states or stressful circumstances, for easy reference.


Plus Bonus Gift…

       Earth-Sky-Heart Breath Meditation  

       This beautiful grounding meditation will help you feel aligned with the flow of your inner power.

Other information about the course


Course delivery

Even though this course has a value of £99, I have

recently made this completely free. All you need to

do is click the links - such as this one and you go
directly to the page with all the email

needed. I suggest you save that page - so that you

can always access it easily.


Disclaimer about the course

This course has been created to support people

who are going through challenging times and is

not intended as a treatment for those with mental

health conditions.


Also, while what I offer here can be supportive to

those who have experienced trauma, it is important

to say that the format of this online course cannot

provide the type of safe container required to treat

and heal trauma. 


If you have any concerns about this I advise you to discuss it with your mental health professional or

doctor. I would also be very happy to talk to you to answer any questions that you may have and give you more information about the course.

Other Questions...?

If you have any other questions about this course and would like more information, please do get in touch.

You can email me at or you can call me on +44 (0) 1943 872498.





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