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Your Inner Power

Through Your Heart

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Welcome to this course

Video Workshop

This video workshop is in two parts.


Part One 

In this video I talk you through why and how your heart is your biggest friend and ally in challenging times.

You can play the video instantly by clicking above.  


Part Two

In this video I take you through the 5 step process for you to experience your heart's power to support you.

Give yourself space and time to fully engage with the experience. If you can, find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed so that the power of your heart is really able to do its work fully.


For this part of the workshop, you will need the resource - 'List of Heart Qualities' which you will find in the Additional Resources section below. You will also need the workbook in this segment, you can print that off directly underneath this video.

You can play the video instantly by clicking above. 

Thrive Course Workbook

Print out this workbook and use it during the workshop. You can of course use it again and again as you repeat the process.

Click here to download


Supplementary Video

The Healing Sanctuary Of Your Heart

This is a deeply healing meditation from within your heart sanctuary.

You can play the video instantly by clicking above.  

Additional Resources

How To Activate Your Superpowers

A beautiful graphic to remind you of the main steps of this process at a glance.

Click here to download

Heart Guidance - What It Is And How To Use It

A guide which gives a clear understanding of heart guidance and the steps to use it.

Click here to download

Heart Guidance Worksheet

A worksheet that accompanies the above guide - making it really easy to follow your heart's guidance.

Click here to download

How To Sense The Truth Of Your Heart's Guidance

A guide which helps you discern when your heart is guiding you.

Click here to download

List Of Heart Qualities

A list of over 100 Heart Qualities…these are your superpowers…!

Click here to download

List Of Antidotes To Life's Challenges

This is a tool that builds on the Heart Qualities List to give the antidote for a variety of emotional states

or stressful circumstances, for easy reference.

Click here to download

The HeartMath Institute

Through this course I have mentioned the research of the HeartMath Institue and how it demonstrates the power of our heart to take our entire system from stress to balance and calm strength. If you would like to know more then click the link below to visit their site.

Click here to visit HeartMath Institute


Bonus Gift

Earth-Sky-Heart Breath Meditation Video

This beautiful grounding meditation will help you feel aligned with the flow of your inner power. 

You can play the video instantly by clicking above.  

If you purchased Option 2 of this course

You will have received a link to book your one to one session with me in the same email that gave you the link for this page. Please use that to book your session with me through my booking calendar. If you have any queries about this please do get in touch and I will respond to you as soon as I can. I look forward to our one to one session together...!

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Thank you again for choosing this course. I want to do all

that I can to support you. So please do get in touch

if you need any further help in any way.  

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