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The Journaling With Your Heart Collection
It's totally free

A beautiful bundle of resources to help you get the most from journaling by connecting you with your heart's you can directly access its power to take you out of jaded overwhelm and confusion and into clarity, confidence and wellbeing.

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   Benefits of journaling include...


  • It gives us answers and solutions to challenges

       and problems through helping us access the

       wisest part of ourselves.


  • It helps us offload stressful thoughts, enabling us

       to lay them down so they don’t spiral constantly.

  • It enables us to switch from negative patterns

       into more creative states where we can be       

       responsive to the events of our life.

  • It helps us to build self-awareness and intuition

       with more clarity about the needs of our

       authentic self.

   These are just a few of the benefits...! 

   The Guidebook in this bundle of resources gives you much more information about how you will           benefit from the simple but powerful process of journaling and then it will guide you step by step

   how to do it in the most inspiring way - from your heart...!     

Journaling with the heart is like talking to a friend that loves you unconditionally,

knows exactly what you need and will support you towards

experiencing that in the easiest most fulfilling way.

There is something special about taking some time out and writing about yourself,

your life, your world, your concerns and your desires, your wonderings and your insights, your uncertain musings and your passionate knowings.


It truly is special…magical even. The benefits have been researched and widely published.


That doesn’t mean it is always easy. At times, writing our authentic truth can be a challenge that we avoid. Or life can be so busy that our journal gets put to one side.

And sometimes can we can just feel stuck and not know what to write.

In this collection of resources, I make it easier for you, so that you get all

the benefits of journaling in the most enjoyable, uplifting way…and the sense that you have a writing companion that is listening deeply, holding a safe space for you to pour out all your truths, encouraging you and helping you access your powerful wisdom.

or scroll down for more info...

Journaling With Your Heart…

  • Gives you the sense that you are supported while you write.

  • Surrounds you in the feeling of being safely held so that you can freely express your truth.

  • Makes it easier to open up and to let the writing flow.

  • Makes it easier to be present for the parts of you that are hurting or experiencing challenges.

  • Gives you a directly line of communication to your soul, your higher self and all the expanded wisdom of your infinite being.

  • Plugs you in to guidance that you can rely on.

  • Helps you access insight that goes deeper than is possible when writing from the mind alone.

  • Connects you with the source of deep healing.

  • Helps you switch on your inner power.

  • Inspires, uplifts and enriches you in the way that only your expansive, wise heart energy can.

  • Opens you up to the immense and infinite power of love that can transform your life.

In this collection of resources you get...

A library of 25 Printable Journaling Pages

Beautiful pages to light up your journaling process, and help you open up to your heart’s wisdom and guidance as you write.

Additional Prompts

A gorgeously presented list of additional journaling prompts to support you with even more inspiration.


A Guidebook.

Which includes...

  • The wide-ranging benefits of journaling which will inspire you to harvest the most from the process.

  • Why journaling with your heart is different, unique and so special.

  • How to journal with your heart.

  • How to use the printable pages to get the most from them.

A Bonus Gift - Meditation on MP3 

This meditation audio will help you move smoothly into the state where journaling with your heart feels natural and accessible, so that you can easily get the huge benefits it offers. 

Examples of

the Journaling Pages

Journaling Collection -  Love letter.png
Journaling Course - Freewriting page.png

You might be new to journaling

 or have been journaling for years.

Either way this collection of resources will give you just what you need for where you are. If you are new to journaling…this is the perfect way to start. If you are experienced this will take you deeper into it in the

most beautiful way.

Creating this bundle of journaling resources has been a joy to me because I know you are going to get so much from it...!

Journaling is one of the things that I most rely on to support me through challenges...and it is also such glorious way of celebrating the good times too, in ways which help those fill my life even more. And even though I've been journaling for years I really started to get the most from it when I began journaling from my heart, to my heart, with my heart. Speaking to and from its wisdom, insight and love. It is such an amazing process and experience...!

So I was inspired to put this collection together so that you can experience the same wonderful support from that part of you that knows everything about you and loves you unconditionally; that will guide you step by step towards your most fulfilling life; that will support you through challenges and will give you answers to all your questions. 

Josie Dads garden9.jpg

I am thrilled to share this collection of resources with you and encourage you to dive in deeply. Use everything in this collection to love yourself in the most genuine way, by writing your truth to your heart and then hearing its wise and caring answers. And if you have any questions or comments about the Journaling With Your Heart Collection I would love to hear from you.

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