Heart Powered Alignment to Our Intentions

Updated: Jun 22

Our heart makes it easier for us to be in alignment with what we choose to experience in our life. It generates the uplifted energetic state that is required to become a match for what we intend...so that we can receive it. So that we can allow it into our lives without grasping for it.

If we hope to move towards what we want to create without engaging the power of our heart...quite often we just end up spinning the wheels of our mind. We need the loving, expansive power of our heart to help us with this.

To help harness our heart's power to help us create the life of our dreams I've created Heart-Powered Alignment Sessions.

These are available in my membership group called The Heart Garden and I invite you to join us in this communal space where we support each other to flourish.

The Heart- Powered Alignment Sessions are a monthly event in The Heart Garden membership community and I thought I'd share more about them here for anyone who is wondering what they actually are and how they work.

What is a Heart-Powered Alignment Session?

It is a 90 minute session on Zoom once per month where as a group we all bring ourselves into alignment with what we truly long for…with what we want to bring into our lives and experience fully. From here it no longer is something we are reaching for - but something that is a real and present part of our lives which lights us up.

We are enabled in this by the energy of our hearts which naturally brings us into alignment when we focus our attention on it. It does this in several ways which we will explore fully in the Heart-Powered Alignment Sessions.

Doing this process live, in group, is particularly powerful because the intention of each person produces a force field of love and creative power that lifts us all. I've been inspired in the creation of these Heart-Powered Alignment Sessions by the work of www.heartmath.org,

Lynne Mctaggart and Dr. Joe Dispenza amongst others, who talk about the amazing power of individual and group intention and the way that coming together to co-create our intentions in this way is like a rising tide that lifts all boats.

How do Heart-Powered Alignment Sessions Work?

We start sessions with a short centring meditation to bring us all into our heart space.

Then we each share what we are longing for at that time…to be compassionately witnessed as we declare what we want to change in our lives. To be alongside loving souls who truly see us as we state what we long for and what our soul sings is possible for us. We will put it out there with the kind of courage that is possible when we know ourselves to be cared for, encouraged and honoured.

From here, as we rest in the safe harbour of our hearts we will invite in any resistance to our intentions which might be hovering in the shadows and putting up blocks to it. We let go of our resistance to not already having what we long for. We welcome the resistance in, so that it transforms and melts into grace. This opens up the path for us to truly bring ourselves into alignment with what we intend.

What this really means is we become an energetic match for what we choose to experience…so that it is no longer something on the horizon but is now living inside us with all its bright beauty filling us.