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Your Heart is a Powerful Healer

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

When you are in need of healing, do you turn to the healer within you or do you search outside yourself?

Many of us do focus outside of ourselves, as I did when I had I chronic fatigue about 10 years ago.

Initially, I trawled the internet for things to ‘fix me’ and sought remedies from doctors and therapists, some of which did prove helpful. However, a lot of the treatments made me more ill, were confusing with contradictory results, or just had no beneficial effect.

It was on my journey back health that I discovered the true power of my own heart as a healer.

I began to realise, that all along, I had been carrying inside me a source of true healing and transformation.

There are many ways that our heart offers us healing, in this post though I am going to share with you the three main ones. I have summed them all up for you here in this infographic.