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What is Your Deep Heart and How Will it Help You Love Your Life?

There is a paradox about the heart. It is both the place where we feel emotional pain and distress and also the place where we can heal and transform that pain.

How does that work then?

Well it’s because there are two levels of the heart.

One is the place which tightens up when we feel anxious, worried or uncertain. It flares up like a wild flame when we feel anger or resentment.

It’s the part that aches when we feel sad or unloved and tender and sore when we feel wounded. It is also the level of our heart that can feel numb, frozen and shut down when all of this other stuff gets too much.

This is the surface heart. It’s a fundamental aspect of being human. It has a role in helping us feel alive, passionate, and expressive. It’s where we feel much of what we experience in life.

But at this level, we can get easily overwhelmed.

That is unless we have open and flowing access to the deep heart.

It’s our deep heart that makes the whole business of being human easier. Without it, life can just be one painful thing after another. But the deep heart changes all that.

Your deep heart is a doorway to your expanded self, to your divine self. It is the place in you where unconditional love is generated. Where insight and wisdom are always available. In your deep heart, there is a still point of peace that is constantly present regardless of what is going on in your life or in the world around you.