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Global pandemic – how to handle it from the heart

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Like everyone else on the planet I am feeling the concerns around the Coronavirus. I’ve had a cold this week and have self-isolated just in case. Even though I am certain now that it was not the virus because I didn’t have any of those symptoms, my awareness around the possibility of having it was quite acute. My father rang me to tell me that he was posting something through my letter box but he wanted to make sure I didn’t open the door, because he wanted to avoid my germs. We were speaking on our mobile phones with the door between us. It felt so strange but also very necessary. He is in his 80’s and is doing a great job of avoiding contact with people…but just having plenty of time tending to his garden so that he doesn’t go stir crazy.

Everywhere people are talking about the stress and worry that this situation is triggering.

I have had a lot of conversations with my heart wisdom about it all. Every time I’ve seen the news, or read a social media post that looks alarming, or spoken to someone in my family who is worried…I have tuned in to the part of myself that operates from peace, knowing, calm, wellbeing and love. I’ve had to do this repeatedly over the week as the momentum of this situation builds.

As I’ve done this, I’ve had an increasing feeling that my heart is anchoring me in peace. Like the quiet centre of a storm. Like the still point at the hub of a gyroscope that is spinning out of control on the exterior, but in the middle is perfectly still. In this perfect stillness at the centre my heart has been speaking to me with clarity and certainty. I thought I’d share with you what it’s been saying.

Actually my heart wisdom has been saying such a lot – that it would go on for pages. So I’ve condensed into this graphic just to make it easier to read in between washing your hands, wiping over door handles and making sure that you’ve got enough to eat when there is nothing left in the shops.

Now this is what my heart is saying to me…what is your peaceful, wise, powerful heart saying to you? Do you have things to add to this…that your heart wants to be known as we support each other to move through this challenge that is touching all our lives? I’d love to hear from you…!

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