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Use Your Heart to Activate Your Superpowers…!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

These are amazing times to live in. The speed of life is increasing along with the challenges that go with that. However, running parallel to this, we are also becoming increasingly aware of our true potential and inner strengths. We are coming to realise that we have superpowers which give us the ability to transform our lives in many ways.

These superpowers take us out of victimhood and into intentional choice and self-determination.

These superpowers help us move from a place of vulnerable overwhelm into empowerment and purpose.

These superpowers support us to creatively navigate problems and see them as opportunities.

Through our innate superpowers, we heal pain, rise above drama, follow our dreams and move forward with courage. Through activating our superpowers we shift out of survival and into living from the overflow of love and abundance.

Of course, I am not talking here, of the kind of superpowers that might have us flying from one skyscraper to another like Spiderman, or the strength to stop a train in its tracks like Wonder Woman. Those would be superhuman powers, whereas I am talking about the powers that every human has already within them.

So the word superpower might sound like holywood hype, but I use it purposefully.

To me, it signifies that we are capable of far more than we often otherwise allow. We humans can be stunningly creative, expansively loving, ingeniously inventive and wildly generous.

I for one want to claim that. I want to live to the full and be all that I can be.

I also want to respond to challenges with calm resilience and move through them to uplifting resolutions. I want to face my pain, sorrow and sadness with gentle, healing compassion. I want to be able to see my snafus and blunders as learning curves and turning points for growth. I want to have the energy and passion to be loving, receptive, kind, courageous and adventurous. I want to contribute value and benefit to the world and I want to have the resilience and integrity to stay true to this commitment.

How do I do this?

How do any of us do this?

How do we trigger our strength rather than frailty? Our hope rather than hopelessness? Our potential rather than our insecurities? How do we live from our Superpowers?

The answer is – through our hearts.

I have found that our heart offers THE most direct and effective means of activating the inner reserves of peaceful power, energy, insight and love that will carry us forward in any situation and transform how we experience our life.

It is easy to feel expansive, empowered and in touch with our superpowers when things are going well – when we feel on top of the world and life is a joy. However, when we are in a slump – feeling fearful, disappointed, sad or overwhelmed we find it harder to access our superpowers. We may not realise that our superpowers are still there – but they have not gone anywhere, they are merely obscured by damp, grey clouds within us. This is the time when we need some help to access our inner strengths and superpowers.

This is when we particularly need to call upon our heart power to give us a boost, to help us make a shift from a contracted place to an expanded state.

As you saw above I illustrated a few examples of the shift that your heart can help you make. Then you might ask…’But, how do I do it?’

How do we fire up these superpowers? How do we move from a challenge to a more empowered state? How do we actually shift from doubt to confidence? From confusion to inspiration? Or from resentment to forgiveness?

There are a few steps that I have come to rely on as my route to activating a positive shift – which I have outlined for you below.

In the process outlined above, Step 2 focuses on the healing power of your heart and Step 4 focuses on your heart’s wise guidance. If you want to explore these gifts of your heart in more depth you can visit a couple of my other blog posts here…Your Heart is a Powerful Healer...and here…How to Follow your Your Heart Guidance.

My heart has guided me to experience that I am far more capable than I previously realised. I can be stronger, calmer, more peaceful, loving, courageous and creative than I ever dreamed was possible.

So how can you use your heart to draw on your inner superpowers today?

What situation would you approach differently if you knew without doubt that you could respond to it from strength, wisdom, love, resourcefulness, confidence and peace?

How would you see the world if you experienced your superpowers to be active in you now? Let your heart show you.

Would you like to partner with your heart to bring healing

and transformation in your life?

If you would also like my support to help you do that – book a Clarity Call, to see if working with me is going to be the right step for you.

or email me with any questions you may have.

Has anything in this blog post inspired you to comment, or ask a question? Please dive in and connect with me below…

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