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The Heart Power Revolution

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Are you happy with the way things are in the world?

Are you totally comfortable and at ease in your own life?

If not, here’s a suggestion…

The Heart Power Revolution…!

Let’s dive deep into the power inside us and turn things around with a gentle but powerful revolution where we choose to live from our hearts.

I believe we can do this…! Will you join me?

Most of us are feeling that we are on a precipice. On the edge of a cliff that we have reached through the machinery of modern life. The escalating drive for faster, bigger, better and more is burning us out and leaving us disconnected and crazy.

Within this whirlwind, there is indeed a lot of good coming our way. Such as some wonderful advancements in science, technology and medicine along with sustainable methods to produce energy and food. The internet opens up our lives in many positive ways. It’s not all bad news. But even so, most of the time we can’t keep up. The speed of development is outstripping our ability to cope with it.

Then most of us have a feeling of rising panic, with alarm bells ringing loudly in our ears, when we see or hear the news. We can end up feeling battered and shredded if we take an interest in what is happening in our world both locally and globally. War, terrorism, modern slavery, global warming, toxic waste in the seas, leaders of countries throwing their egos about, inequality of all of kinds….this could be a very long list of things that threaten to throw humanity over the cliff.

And there is something quirky about life…that what we see in the news and on a global scale is often being played out in the more intimate arena of our personal lives. Many of us are feeling the intensity of this drama touching us very directly. This might show up as relationship breakdown, financial insecurity, fragile health, overwhelm in our work or a raft of other pressures.

So what do we do? How do we handle all this? Do we numb out with behaviours that give us a false sense of protection? Do we avoid the news? Do we look away and pretend it’s not happening.

Or do we go on the offensive, striding out on the warpath to attack everything that is wrong with the world or in our personal lives?

I believe there is another way. A middle road between avoidance and attack. It is the path that our intelligent loving heart offers us.

It is a path that brings the strength to make constructive, effective changes. It is the path that brings us resilient,