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How to Follow Your Heart Guidance

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Is your head spinning, trying to find a solution to a challenging situation?

Are you troubled with questions that keep you awake at night?

Are you struggling with a choice between two or more options?

Do you feel stressed because the path ahead is unclear for you?

Are you doubting yourself and losing confidence?

If so, you are not alone. It is a natural default setting of our minds to look for problems to fix, rather like a minesweeper…scanning our life to avoid pain and danger with a perception that this will keep us safe.

When we have changes occurring and decisions to make, our mind can sometimes go into overdrive scouting for possible tripwires and hazards which paradoxically can lead to increased stress, doubt and anxiety.

Even though our mind works hard to protect us – it draws only on evidence from the past and projections of the future. It does not access the present moment, where all the answers, solutions, creative options and miraculous outcomes arise.

So what do we do when we have issues to resolve and confusing choices in front of us?

The answer is to drop into our heart, and let it guide us.

Your heart knows the answer to all your questions.

Your heart knows everything about you, including your deepest needs and your most expanded potential. It can guide you to what is genuinely possible for you on your path to fulfilling your dreams.

Your heart compassionately understands your fears, doubts and worries without being limited by them. It sees what you are truly capable of when you are accessing your authentic self and actualising your latent qualities. It can cultivate these hidden gems of promise within you that may have been dormant but are ready to flourish.

Your heart is the physical portal to your soul

and it will guide you to apply its wisdom in your life.

Your heart sees the big picture of your life, like a bird soaring on thermals way above the undulating landscape – your heart sees everything in all directions from the vantage point of the immediate present. It can see the path that brought you here and all the possible routes that can take you forward. It sees all this from a high-level perspective, as a loving observer, that is ideally placed to guide you to the most enjoyable, enriching path for you.

Your heart knows that your life is about so much more than just solving problems, avoiding danger and keeping safe. It knows you are here to thrive, grow, develop, love, learn, give, share, create, laugh and flourish. It will lead you to that. It will guide you to that. It will carry you forward to it step by step. You can trust it to guide you.

Even though I have always been a heart focused person, in my younger days I did not know how to intentionally turn inward to my heart for wise guidance. As a result, I muddled along and found myself making choices that came from an anxious and worried mind.

This led to a downward spiral, with my mind becoming even more overstretched and anxious, resulting in further unwise choices such as being in relationships that were unhealthy for me or leaving jobs that were challenging but would have helped me grow.

There came a point where many things in my life were not working, and something in my mind seemed to give up. In this place of mental surrender, my heart wisdom was able to reach me more easily. I dropped down into my heart’s spacious peace, I felt its magnetic pull, I heard its voice. I followed its messages and my life became calmer, more purposeful, healthy and happy.

I realised that the wise guidance of my heart had been there all along. But I had not known how to access it.

I had focused on the ever-spinning wheel of choices outside me rather than the reservoir of intuitive knowing within.

In writing this to you and in creating the infographic with the steps to access your heart wisdom it is my intention to show you how to go directly to your own heart’s wisdom when facing choices and decisions. I want to make it easy for you to partner with the source of knowing and insight within you, so you gain the benefits that will bring you today.

You don’t need to struggle on as I did, trying to work everything out with an overtaxed mind. Just let your infinitely wise heart guide you.

Would you like to partner with your heart to bring healing

and transformation in your life?

If you would also like my support to help you do that – book Clarity Call to see if working with me is going to be the right step for you.

or email me with any questions you may have.

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