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Forgiveness Through Your Heart

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

In beginning this post on forgiveness I explored images that would put a picture to my words. I found there are a lot of images showing people (or birds) breaking free from chains. Why is that…?

Because forgiveness liberates us. It sets the forgiver free. I have seen these images before, many times. But it’s only recently that I am starting to truly comprehend the bright truth that the images convey.

The more I explore it, the more I am aware that forgiveness is rather like an unlimited supply of gold running in rivers beneath our feet, which most of us are constantly stepping over, without even noticing it. We don’t realise how potent a transformational force forgiveness can be in our lives. I know I didn’t. I had read a bit about forgiveness and been ‘interested’ in it. I had put it into practice too. But I will be honest here…it was more of a theoretical understanding, with a few tick the box exercises.

That has changed. For the last few weeks, I have been on a deep dive journey into forgiveness. I have been working with Colin Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness programmes (click here to find out more)…forgiving other people in my life and myself. I am amazed at the changes it has triggered as I have had a fuller understanding of what it really means to forgive, how to put that into practice and a deeper experience of truly forgiving. It has been so liberating…! I feel a sense of freedom, lightness and peace that I have not known for some time.

Here are some of the gold nuggets that have emerged for me about forgiveness…