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Change and the Ever Present Now

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

As I write this, the year 2018 is just about to morph into the year 2019. A declaration of how life is change, writ large…with fireworks and celebrations around the world emphasising the point. New calendars will be pinned up, our digital clocks will update themselves…displaying the fact that we have cycled through another year. It is a global shift that touches everyone.

As this huge wheel of change turns for all of us all it pivots around the ever-present moment of now. It is a paradox, a mystery  – that underneath the constant flux of change there is something…still, timeless, always here and fully alive.


It is an enigma that makes everyday life both beautiful and puzzling.

I have found that my heart understands this paradox in ways that my mind cannot fathom. When I drop into my heart I can live in both worlds…the world of constant change where days, seasons and years advance like cosmic clockwork and the world where everything that is – just is, now. This heart based, dual aspect way of functioning helps me both live in fullness of the moment and reap the benefit of the passage of time. Time gives us a sense of momentum and perspective. It can inspire us to action – to make the most of each precious day.

And when we do this from the heart we can operate as the hub at the centre of a wheel that is in motion. Moving forward while remaining centred, present and aware.

From my heart’s perspective of knowing and peace in the ever present now…I have been exploring what the last year has offered, as it is about to transform into a new year. This piece of writing puts across what I feel…

So if you are reading this as 2018 is changing into 2019, or at any other point in time, what does your heart say the next 365 days could offer you? How do you want to spend the gold in each arc from daylight to dark? How does your heart want to make the most of the precious moments of your life?

Has anything in this blog post inspired you to comment, or ask a question? Please dive in and connect with me below…

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