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20 Ways Your Heart Power Will Change Your Life

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

The power of your heart is the source of so many amazing, uplifting, life-enhancing benefits that I could write pages about this...! But I've condensed some of them into a list here so that you can quickly and easily get an impression of the power YOU have inside you. I hope you are inspired...!

1. It makes you physically healthier. It brings you into a state of ‘coherence’ which means your entire physical and emotional system is balanced and functioning at its best...including boosting immunity to illness and cardiovascular health.

2. It reduces the effects of stress in your body, mind and emotions and helps you be more resilient when you encounter further stress.

3. It activates the higher thinking centres of your brain – so you can make wiser decisions with greater insight.

4. Your heart is the source of love in you. It is the receiver and transmitter of the universal love that animates all life...the love that brought you into being and sustains you in each moment. The love that will light up every particle of your being when you allow it to flow in you. The love that enables you to be a lover, friend, daughter, son, parent, carer, sister or brother in the ways that bring the greatest happiness. It enables you to love yourself – the most fundamental of all loving relationships.

5. When in challenging relationships it will help you be compassionate and understanding while holding clear, healthy boundaries. You will be able to respond from calm strength rather than react in ways you might regret later.

6. In close relationships it will help you open up to deeper, more fulfilling levels of intimacy. There is no limit to the joy that you can experience when truly connecting with another through the heart.

7. It gives you the opportunity to be a channel for transformation in the world, as your heart radiates harmonious energy out into the field and brings balance to the environment around you.

8. When you connect with limitless love through your heart you can access profound healing that will soothe and transform every kind of emotional distress.

9. Your heart offers you the safest, most welcoming sanctuary – where you will find greater peace and ease than anywhere else on earth.

10. Your heart contains all your superpowers. If you need courage, forgiveness, creativity, confidence, encouragement or enthusiasm for example, your heart will supply you with whatever you need to thrive.

11. Your heart will support you to transform any challenge into an opportunity to grow and become the person you have the potential to be.

12. Your heart is your physical portal to your soul, to your wisest spiritual self, to the vast and infinite energy of your eternal self. It will guide, empower, uplift and inspire you from this expanded perspective.

13. Through its connection to your soul – your heart sees who you truly are and who you can be when living your full potential. It will carry you forward to experiencing that as a daily reality…enabling you to live your purpose.

14. Your heart will illuminate what is true for you, helping you see beyond ego driven wants and needs that might blur the picture of your soul truth. It will always speak truth to you and will also give you the courage to be honest with others.

15. It will guide you step by step through all areas of your life. From big life changes to small everyday issues. You will feel clear, on track and confident that you are going in the best direction for you.

16. Your heart will enable you to create the life of your dreams in ways that feel grounded, genuine and dependable.

17. Heart power puts the vital juice in the engine that creates your reality. Through high-frequency states such as joy, delight, passion, enthusiasm and appreciation, which are generated by your heart…you naturally become a match to the reality you want to manifest.

18. It is the gateway through which you receive. All the abundance, joy, vitality and fulfilment that is possible for you – will pour in through your grateful heart.

19. Your heart exists in the present moment…where all of your true power arises. When you are anchored in your heart you are not burdened by the past or fearful of the future – you can relax into each unfolding moment, feeling fully alive.

20. Through the power of your heart, you can ‘be the change that you would like to see in the world’. You can co-create with other heart-powered people – a world free of struggle, conflict, judgment, prejudice and fear. A world where we all thrive and flourish.

Would you like to partner with your heart to bring healing and transformation in your life?

If you would also like my support to help you do that – and would like to know more and to see if working with me is going to be the right step for you - then you can

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