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Welcome to
The Heart Garden

The supportive community
where you can relax into being the true you with loving support to help you
heal, grow, and flourish.

How lovely that you're here...!
Take a walk with me around the garden.

Imagine that you are in the most beautiful garden.

This is a place where you feel safe, cared for and loved.

It is full of your favourite flowers and trees. If you love streams they are flowing here. If you delight in fountains that’s what you will find here. Maybe your garden is by the sea, on a mountainside or in a clearing in a wood. It can be anything, anywhere because this is YOUR garden and it exists inside you. It is your heart garden. Your inner space where the soul-infused love of your authentic self is always fully present.


It is radiant, abundant, and flourishing with wellbeing. It is peaceful, whole, and fulfilled.

The Heart Garden membership is your gateway to that place within you.


It is designed to help you create your life from this place of wellbeing and happiness. To live from this beautiful space of peaceful power where you are the real YOU.

All in the midst of a supportive community that are doing the same.

In practice this means we...

  • Gather as a community to support each other to grow and flourish

  • Explore how to love all aspects of ourselves fully and have support in doing that

  • Access the inner strength and latent heart qualities which help us thrive in any situation

  • We experience living as our soul knows is possible for us as we fulfill our bright potential

  • Lovingly and gently heal whatever resistance or inner blocks hold us back from fully living with joy

  • Enjoy the way our heart energy lifts us to be a match for what we desire so it flows to us with ease

  • Learn how to hear our heart's guidance and follow it as it leads us forward to the life that lights us up​

  • Live from the present moment where all our power is, all our creativity arises and all the answers are

It means this...and actually so much more...because when you open up the inner world of love, creativity and peaceful power that your heart makes available to you - it is like finding that you have a new universe of possibity inside you. So let's explore that the most beautiful our shared garden.

Here's what's blossoming in
The Heart Garden.

All your resources are here.
Everything in this next section is for both the Flourish and the Bloom level of membership.

If you're in the Bloom membership
there is extra information at the bottom of the page for you.
Monthly Theme
Every month we explore a different theme that will deepen your experience of what it means to live from your heart - what it feels like, how to use its peaceful power, and all the ways in which it will light up your life. This will happen in the membership hub in The Heart Garden Private Facebook Group.

Heart-Powered Alignment Sessions
We have a Heart-Powered Alignment Session on the first Wednesday of the month, starting at 7.30pm (London time). These are very beautiful and empowering live sessions on Zoom, for 90 minutes. We use the power of our heart to become a vibrational match to what we want to bring into our lives, with a supportive group who add their radiant heart energy to our intention, and so boosting our alignment to it. If you are unable to join live you can email me your desire, longing, or intention and it will be included in the live session. The sessions will be recorded and available in the Facebook group the next day.

If you want to know more about these sessions and how they work - I've written about them on my blog which you can read here.

The Heart-Powered Alignment Sessions are every first Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm London time.
7th July, 4th August, 1st September, 6th October, 3rd November. I will list more dates as we go along.

Here is the Zoom link and passcode to join
Meeting ID: 875 9073 5476
Passcode: 159534

Library of Resources
As a member of The Heart Garden, you have access to a rich library of resources that I have created over the years - this will be added to over time. You can download these resources so you can keep them forever. Access the library here.

Quarterly Retreats
Four times a year we have a retreat to give you deep and spacious time to truly bathe yourself in the energies of The Heart Garden and all that your heart has to offer you. These retreats will be nourishing, healing, empowering and transformative.

The first retreat will be on Sunday 25th July called the Self-Love Transformation. It will run from 2.00pm to 5.00pm, London Time. I will put more information about this in the Facebook group nearer the time.

Here is the Zoom link and passcode to join...

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 868 3748 8101
Passcode: 579425

Further dates for following retreats will be posted here soon.

Facebook Group 
The Heart Garden on Facebook is the private group hub where we all connect, where you can share your journey, ask questions and get support. It is also the place where the Monthly Theme will happen.

Discount Codes
As a member of The Heart Garden you have 15% Discount on 1 to 1 sessions with me and on future courses and programmes. You also have 50% discount on the Thrive Online Course
  • 15% Discount for 1 to 1's (book here) & future courses - use this code at checkout HEART-GARDEN 
  • 50% Discount for Thrive Online Course - use this code at checkout - THRIVE-DISCOUNT
Please don't share the codes - they are for members only.
If You have the Bloom Level of membership
which includes a monthly coaching call this information is for you.
All members of The Heart Garden who joined with the Bloom level of membership have a monthly group coaching call on Zoom.

The calls are on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 7.30pm to 9.00pm, London time, starting on Thursday 15th July.

You will get an email before the call with the Zoom link. 

If you're not a Bloom member - but would like to be you can upgrade to that membership level if there are places available. Send me a message and I'll get that sorted for you.
I am so glad you are here, sharing this garden with me.
The blossoming bright garden of love that we all have within us
which co-creates this community garden of shared healing,
joy, purpose and fulfilment. 
I want to make sure your experience here is a beautiful one
so if you have any questions, about anything at all
email me at

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