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I’ve got a treasure trove of resources to share with you, so I’ve put many of them on this page where you can explore, play, ponder, then return and explore some more.

Think of this as a library where you browse and see what you are drawn to.

This isn’t a list to work through where you have to tick off each item.

There are some things that might become favorites that you put on your fridge door
and others that you might never use.

It’s your toy box to play with in the way that feels good to you. 

General Heart Power Resources

20 Ways Your Heart Power Will Change Your Life

Here is something to inspire you as we set out on this heart inspired journey. It is a short and sweet list of some (not even all) of the ways in which opening up to your heart and its amazing gifts can be a transformative experience. I include it here to give you a sense of some of the things that we might draw on in our work together. If there is an aspect that you are particularly interested in let me know and we can explore that more fully.

List of Heart Qualities

There are far more qualities of your heart than can be contained in any list. However, I have put together this list of a few significant ones. It is intended to give you the sense of the great engine of potential that you have inside you and to inspire you to open up the channels within where the powers of your heart flow. 

Activate Your Superpowers

Following on from the above list of heart qualities (which I playfully call your Superpowers) this document gives a brief outline of how to use the qualities of your heart to boost, energise, heal and empower yourself. We can transform the heavier aspects of our experience by pouring our heart essence into them – which acts as a kind of antidote to the struggles and challenges of life.

List of Superpower Remedies

In the above document, I give you a brief outline of how the ‘Superpowers’ of your heart can be activated as antidotes to challenges in your life. In this document, I highlight a few specific challenges and the remedy or antidote that you could use to help, heal and empower yourself.

Heart Coherence and the Emotional Landscape

In this document, I give you an outline of something amazingly powerful. Simple but powerful.

It is the process of bringing yourself into a state of ‘Coherence’ otherwise known as balance, harmony, ease, relief, comfort and alignment. In the document, I describe how this is also used with a tool called the Emotional Landscape which is an easy map to get you out of a frazzled state and into a more ease-filled state. It can be used anywhere at any time for immediate benefits.

It is something that will always give you some improvement in how you feel – so if you are

already feeling good you can take yourself into joy. But if you are struggling this is a go-to resource which will help you feel stronger and more resilient. I use it every day.

Here's a reminder that even though all this information looks like a list - just find your way with it as you

would wander through a garden.


Wander, explore,

take your time, enjoy

Heart Guidance

What is Heart Guidance and How to Use it

One of the most life-changing aspects of getting to know the power of my heart has been learning to access and use its guiding wisdom. This document gives you an overview of this amazing resource you have inside you…and how to use it. This document is accompanied by

a worksheet that you will find below.

Heart Guidance Worksheet

Use this worksheet when you have a specific area of your life where you want to make a change but are not sure which way to go. The steps on the worksheet will carry you along to access your heart’s wisdom for soul-infused guidance.

How to Sense the Truth of Your Heart’s Guidance

If you are new to the process of tuning into your heart for guidance and are not sure if you are hearing messages from the wisdom of your heart or from the more fearful channel of your ego mind, here is a resource to help you discern the difference. 

Heart Powered Meditation

Benefits of Heart-Focused Meditation

Heart Focused Meditation can offer a wide range of benefits. At one end of the spectrum,

it can be a path to deep and expansive peace. At the other end of the spectrum, it can be a way

of managing our energy state in very practical ways when used in small pockets of time

during the day. It is easy, accessible, grounded and enjoyable. Here is a document

which shares with you some of the benefits in more detail.

Steps of Heart-Focused Meditation

This document gives you a clear overview of how to experience

Heart Focused Meditation with easy steps to follow.

Cycle of Harmony in Mind and Heart

Here is a graphic that gives a vivid picture of the way that meditating with a heart focus rejuvenates your mind and thoughts and leads to greater insight, peace and wisdom. It demonstrates the way the mind and heart can work together and enhance aspects of both.

Take your time,
meander, pick and choose
the resources that you are drawn to, let your heart lead you.

Creating Your Heart Powered Life

The 8 Keys to Heart Powered Manifesting

Your heart will carry you forward to manifest the life that will bring you the greatest fulfilment

and your soul came here to experience. These 8 Keys will give you an easy map

towards the life you were born to live.

Heart-Powered Manifesting Worksheet

This worksheet guides you through the 8 Key steps that will help you manifest your

soul inspired life. It can be used for everything in your life...huge life-changing

issues or the smaller everyday choices.

Receiving Through the Heart

A key aspect of generating the life we can fall in love with is the ability to receive. Here is a body focused meditation that will help you really FEEL the difference it can make when you open yourself up to receive through the channel of your heart.

Loving Yourself and Others

Loving Yourself and Others

How to Let Your Heart Love You

Here is a one page document that walks you through a flowing process which harnesses the power of your heart to help you love yourself.

Forgiveness Through the Heart

This is another short document that will carry you through steps that will make it easier to forgive another person, an organisation or a situation. You can use it to forgive yourself too. 

Self Love Turn Around

This is a longer document where I describe the Self-Love Turn Around. It tells you what it is, the difference it can make in your life and how to do it.

The Healing Power of Your Heart

Your Heart is a Powerful Healer

This one-page document gives you a quick and easy overview of the 3 main ways

that your heart offers healing and how to receive that healing.

The Healing Sanctuary of Your Heart Video

Take a beautiful journey into the healing sanctuary of your heart, with this 30 minute

guided meditation video, which will help activate your heart’s power to soothe,

heal, restore and empower you.

Healing Sanctuary of Your Heart
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