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Heartful Life Coaching Session

Are you ready to make changes

in your life?

Are you interested in using a unique transformational approach that switches on your inner power and makes moving through change easier?

Would you like to feel more clarity and certainty about your next steps, dissolving any obstacles as you access your inner strength to take those steps with confidence and self-assurance?

Is something in you saying ‘Yes’

to this and wants to take your first step towards this now?

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Book a Session

Typically it works best to have a minimum of 3 coaching sessions to really get the full benefits of coaching. But I’m flexible and know that we all have different needs. Maybe you would like to experience a one-off session with me to get a feel for the way I work. Or maybe you just know that booking a session is the right thing for you now.

Whatever your reason for wanting to book a one-off session you can do that here.

It is £75 for 90 minutes where you have time to share about the shift you want to make and then we will help you take steps towards that.

If you want more in depth detail about what the experience of coaching with your heart power is like you can read the full description on my Heartful Life Coaching Page…where I talk about the 4 month programme and what it will give you.

And if you still just want to book one session you can return to this page and do that here.

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