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Heartful Life Coaching

Transformational Coaching Sessions
in parnternship with your heart wisdom 

If you want to find out more about what working with me and your heart power would be like? This is what you could expect to experience...

If you are feeling stuck, drained, trapped or weighed down you will connect with the part of you that is always free, buoyant and empowered. You will learn how to draw on this inner reservoir of energy, vitality and peaceful power.


If you are confused, overwhelmed or lost you will come to know the part of you that is clear, purposeful, knows your full potential and will carry you forward to that step by step. You will learn that inside you is the most dependable wise guide. A source of direction, insight and clarity that you will come to trust and rely on as it guides you in every aspect of your life.


If you are hurting inside, with emotional pain either fresh and raw or old and deeply rooted, you will feel the relief that comes from allowing your heart’s infinite love heal and transform it. Once you have experienced this you will know that you have within you a healing power far greater than any pain you may face, which you can draw on at any time.


If life is filling you with fear, dread and anxiety, you will find that your heart melts the fear, soothes the anxiety and dread and in its place fills you with courage, capability, strength and confidence.


If you are facing a crushing challenge which is so daunting it is making you feel physically ill or so frightening you want to run and hide, your heart will show you the most ease filled way to move forward, then it will supply you with the qualities that you need to face into the challenge, rise to it and thrive…!


If you are feeling lonely, disconnected or shut down to life your heart will gently help you reconnect…to yourself, other people and life itself. You will rediscover who you truly are at the core, learn to love and cherish yourself in ways that light up your life and make sharing it with others a naturally occurring joy. 

These are just some of the ways that your heart will support, love, guide,
heal and empower you. There is in fact, no limit to the ways your
heart can enrich you and your life.


Whatever struggle you are facing – the ease you long for is in your heart.

Whatever question you have – the answer is in your heart.

Whatever emotional wound is hurting you – the remedy in your heart.

Whatever is holding you back – the power to break free is in your heart.

Whatever fearful challenge you face – the courage to face it is in your heart.

Whatever shuts you down or disconnects you – re-connection is through your heart.


And when you have spent a little while getting to know your heart’s amazing power and how

to use it you will find that you naturally move out of struggle, out of being stuck, out of confusion or disconnection and into joy, pleasure, fun, love, abundance and peaceful presence.

All the peaceful power of your heart will then be harnessed to bring awareness to patterns that hold you back, resolve issues that trouble you and heal everything that stands in the way of you living the life that lights you up, as you feel guided towards that...step by step.

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I offer coaching as one off sessions which you can book as and when you like.

The sessions are 90 minutes long...
giving plenty of time for a tr
uly transformational experience.

The cost is £75.

There are 2 steps to book a session
1. Book your session with the calendar
2. Then pay for it with the payment button
1. Book your session in the calendar below
2. Pay for your session with the button below
 You will get 2 confirmation emails...
1 from Calendly to confirm you time and one from Stripe to confirm your payment
When you have booked your time and paid for it, you are all set for your appointment and I look forward to our time together.

Heartful Life Coaching has given me lot more than I expected. I thought it might just help

me with a few issues that I was struggling with, which were resolved very quickly actually. The main benefit to me is that I now know that I have the ability to use my heart to guide me through difficult times, which makes me less fearful and more relaxed. It was a surprise initially that my heart guidance seems to know I am capable of more than I realised, but as I have learnt to trust that, I am becoming more confident. I still have sessions with Josie from time to time as a booster, but I feel like my own heart is my personal life coach now, and it’s showing me how to

get the most out of my life, and how to feel good about being myself.

Lauren (London)


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