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Your Time To Thrive Group Coaching Programme

Resources Page

A 6 Week Live Coaching Programme

To Switch On Your Inner Power So You Can Thrive 



All the information

and resources for the coaching programme will be on this page.

It will all be updated as we go through the

6 weeks of the programme.

Recordings of Each Call

Sunday 17th January - Introduction and Workshop

Here is the recording from the call

Click here for the slides that go with the session.

Here are the recordings from each of the Thursday evening calls which had a teaching element and coaching

Video from the coaching call on Thursday 21st January - Connect to your Heart

Video from the coaching call on Thursday 28th January - The Healing Power of the Deep Heart







Video from the coaching call on Thursday 4th February - Activating your Inner Power Through Your Heart

Video from the coaching call on Thursday 11th February - Accessing the Wise Guidance of Your Heart


Concluding Coaching Call on Sunday 21st February - Including Message from Your Heart 




This segment will be updated each week as new resources are added.

Items for the Workshop on 17th January 

Your Time to Thrive Workbook

List of Heart Qualities


Being the Still Point

This video is a recording of a meditation - Being the Still Point 

Item from Thursday 21st January

Graphic with info about how Coherence works for us

Item from Thursday 28th January

Video meditation that will take you into the healing space of your heart sanctuary or 'deep heart'

Item from Thursday 4th February

Activating Your Heart Powers - Process and Prompts

Items from Thursday 11th February

Heart Guidance - What it is and How to Use it

Heart Guidance Worksheet

How to Feel the Truth of Your Heart's Guidance

Item from Concluding Coaching Call - Sunday 21st February

Message From Your Heart

The Facebook Group

I will be in the group regularly with continued support – so ask me questions, connect with each other and make the most of all the heart energy that is generated there. 

Click the image below to join or visit the Facebook group 'Your Time to Thrive - Jan 21'.

Your Time to Thrive group cover.png

Your One to One Coaching Call With Me

Everyone on the programme has a 60-minute coaching call with me which you can take at any time during the coaching programme or up to 3 months after the programme ends. You choose when you feel you will benefit from it the most.

Use this link to book your call...

'Your Time to Thrive' One to One coaching call

This will take you to Acuity Scheduling where you can book and amend your appointment.

I want to do all I can to help you get the most out of this

group coaching programme. 


So if you have any questions about any aspect of it then do get in touch.

Email me on or call me on +44 (0)1943 328013

Other Resources

You will have continued access to this page after the conclusion of the programme. Don't feel that you have to use all these things...just dip in and use what feels helpful as we go along. These are things to support you and enable you and over time what you want to use might change. There is no homework involved here. No pace to be set. Just things to help you open up to your heart power and experience it supporting you.

You already have many of the resources that we will use on the programme in the Thrive instant access online course that you got as a bonus. I'm putting a link to that here as everyone on the programme did get this bonus. 

Thrive Instant Access Online Course 

Another resource that I'm giving as an additional bonus is The Journaling With Your Heart Collection. As we go through the programme you might want to write down your experiences in a journal. So I'm giving you this collection of resources as another gift for you to dip into if you feel inspired to. It has several things in it that will make it easier to write about your heart journey on the coaching programme...writing to your heart, with your heart and from your heart.

Journaling With Your Heart Collection

Many of you already have this next resources...the Heart Wisdom Guidance Cards. If not, they are a way of getting immediate feedback from your heart guidance about where to place you focus and what wants to open up for you. Even if you already have them I thought it would be handy to have the link to them here for easy access.
The Heart Wisdom Guidance Cards


Thank you for taking this journey with me where each step

takes you deeper into the peaceful power of your heart

and opens up the path for you to genuinely Thrive.

This is Your Time to Thrive...! 

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