Heartful Life Coaching

Welcome Page

Welcome…! If you are on this page then you are on the first step of a new kind of journey. One that will take you deep into your inner world to access a power that has the potential to change your outer world. I am very excited to be your partner and guide on this journey as your coach. 

This page is the hub for all the items to get us started on the journey. Some of them are already

in an email I sent you. You’ve got them here again to keep all our ducks in a row

and in the same place. This includes…

  • Information and instructions about the Coaching Contract that I will send you

  • Heartful Life Coaching Preparation Questionnaire

  • Contact Details Sheet

  • Details about the Email Support that is included in the Coaching Programme

  • Code of Ethics

  • Information about how to book your appointments with me

  • Coupon Code for free 'Flourish' membership of The Heart Garden community

Please would you check that you’ve returned the Coaching Contract and your Preparation Questionnaire before our first session. You will find links to these below, on this page.

I hope that the information on this page will answer any questions you may have at this stage. If you have any further questions please email me on josie@heartful-living.com 

I look forward to being alongside you as your life potentially changes in ways that

will inspire and delight you. I will see you soon on our first call. 

Heartful Life Coaching Contract 

I will send you a contract to sign. Watch your inbox for this. This is the Heartful Life Coaching Contract and will come to you through HelloSign. It is a rather formal document but is standard practice when setting up a new coaching relationship. Please read it through and make sure you agree to it. Then you need to sign it and return it to me electronically. HelloSign makes it easy to do, with instructions all the way through. 

Heartful Life Coaching Preparation Questionnaire

Here are some questions to help you get the most out of the Heartful Life Coaching process. All your responses will be stored confidentially.

Click here to download the document 

Then fill in what your heart inspires you to and email it back to me at josie@heartful-living.com

Client Contact Details Sheet

This is a short form to give me brief details about you. Information like address, phone numbers….things like that. The form is optional but it gives me the best ways to reach you if needed and also helps me know a little more about you. (The address I need for sending your free gift). All your details will be stored confidentially.

Click here to download the form

When you have filled it in you can email it back to me at josie@heartful-living.com

Email Support Included in the Coaching Programme

In between our coaching calls I offer you support via email. For more information about how that works click here.

Code of Ethics 

I am a member of the Association of Coaching and I abide by their Code of Ethics. If you would like to read more please click here.

Book your Follow on Coaching Sessions 

Here is the link that will take you to my scheduling page where you can book your follow on sessions with me. 

Click here for the link

Membership of The Heart Garden 

You have free membership in The Heart Garden for 5 months. This is at the Flourish level of membership. The Heart Garden has a lot of resources that will give extra support through the coaching programme. Have a look here.
To join for free please use this code at the checkout - freemembership