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Align With Your Heart's Desire
an Uplifting and Nurturing
Free Online Retreat
on Sunday 26th June 2022
from 2.00pm to 5.00pm BST


Are you lined up with what you want to experience in life?

Can you let that in and flow to you?

Are you able to receive it...and is your life ready for it?

This retreat will help you be able to say a big resounding YES to all this. 


Please sign up for the retreat below and I'll send you details for joining with the zoom link.  I will also send you the recording of the event.

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Thanks for joining me on the retreat...!

What we will be doing on the retreat
We will start...

with a short centring meditation to bring us all into our heart space to create the loving, nurturing space where we can all connect with each other from our wise and compassionate hearts

Then we...

have spacious time for a process to explore what aims and desires we have for the second half of 2022.


Following this...

we each share what we are longing for at that time…to be compassionately witnessed as we declare what we want to change in our lives. To be alongside loving souls who honour us as we state what we long for and what our soul sings is possible for us. We will put it out there with the kind of courage that is possible when we know ourselves to be cared for, encouraged and valued.

From here...

as we rest in the safe harbour of our hearts we will invite in any resistance to our intentions which might be hovering in the shadows and putting up blocks to it. We let go of our resistance to not already having what we long for. We welcome the resistance in, so that it transforms and melts into grace. This opens up the path for us to truly bring ourselves into alignment with what we intend. What this really means is we become an energetic match for what we choose to experience…so that it is no longer something on the horizon but is now living inside us with all its bright beauty filling us.


Again, our heart is the perfect ally in this process. It is the bridge that takes us into alignment, into the place of being a match for what we want to bring to our lives. It takes us there with love, flow, joy and…deep healing if that is needed. Our heart helps us be receptive to what we want – to make space for it. To let it in. We experience all this in a beautiful, deep and potent meditation which will leave you tingling with the sensations of your desire fulfilled. 

We conclude...

the meditation with an affirmation, energised by the power of our hearts, that we will send into every cell of our body, and every part of our being, to confirm that we are in harmony with our desire.

This affirmation is amplified and energised by the love that is radiated by every person in the group. Radiated to ourselves and radiated to each other. This boosts our energy…lifting us to a place of inner beauty, confidence and peaceful power from where we are rooted in a state of joyful alignment to our intention.


And bring the retreat to a close...

with time for sharing and witnessing as we each consider the next steps for ourselves and how we will integrate the experiences we have just had. This includes a particular focus on how we can best help ourselves let go of needing to control the outcome but trust in the wider wisdom of the universe that will carry us forward.

This is the process
of bringing yourself into alignment with what you choose in your life. Once you've experienced this - it is like having the keys
to a love-fuelled power station. 

I'm excited to share it with you in this nourishing retreat.

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