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Transformational Coaching
in Partnership
with Your Heart Wisdom

Your heart is your open door to peace.

Experience the love that lives inside you there.

Receive the healing & guidance that brings.

Let it carry you home.

I'm Josie and I am really happy to connect with you.

I have found that when we access the power of our heart everything in life flows more easily. 

In my work as a coach, I help you open up to the peaceful power of your heart so it floods your life with light.

I support you to hear your heart's voice more clearly so you can follow its wise guidance.

I help you experience the healing your heart can bring...dissolving emotional pain, soothing inner conflict and bringing peace to stressful thinking.

You will experience the resilience, strength and confidence that makes everything in life easier and comes naturally as you live through the heart.

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Video Channel Name

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'Through developing a more heart-centred way of being, I have been able to thrive in adversity, take steps that seemed far too scary, and embrace my spiritual side more.  I know, that when I get a bit wobbly, that I only have to return to my heart-space to find my courage and centre again.  I also know, that without Josie’s support I would not have got this far, this fast or this easily.'

I am delighted to partner with The Heart Revolution...!
They are offering this FREE online event


The Heart Revolution online event presents 70+ experts sharing their dogma-shaking new insights into the nature, purpose and power of the human heart. The speakers, from functional and mind-body medicine doctors to naturopaths, from best-selling authors to award-winning scientists and spiritual teachers, highlight why and how the heart plays a critical role in every aspect of our lives. From before the first heartbeat to beyond the last, from early childhood development to chronic illness. Discover why and how your heart is the key to a healthy and fulfilled life.

This event is totally free - however you can choose to purchase lifetime access to it.

If you do then as a partner of The Heart Revolution I receive part of that payment.

And if that happens I want to say thank you in advance...!

Enjoy this video about the online event

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