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The Balanced and Boosted Retreat

An Online Retreat For Women

Sunday 6th September 12.30pm to 5.30pm BST

I invite you to this retreat where I will create a peaceful space of deep soul nourishment where you can soak in the energies of being balanced, harmonised, energised and boosted. 

Is your body calling for some spacious time - to be soothed and loved back into a place of balance…where you can breathe more easily and feel vitality flood your system with wellbing?

Is your mind looking for the ease and peace that comes when you’re released from busy, fearful thoughts? Is it looking for clarity, calm and confidence?

Is your emotional self longing for comfort, nurturing and soothing care, so that you are not just pushing through your days with a low emotional battery but are fully charged, strong, enabled and fully plugged in to you inner resources.

Is your soul and spirit whispering to you to take a pause - so you can hear it more clearly and feel it fill your life with inner power that can uplift and inspire you?

If you get an inner YES to any of this…I invite you to listen to that. To give yourself what you need, what your body, mind emotions and spirit are calling for.

Bring a journal and pen.

Bring a cushion and blanket.

If you can…bring a candle along and maybe incense or essential oil.

Bring your whole being.

Bring your tiredness and feel deeply rested and refreshed.

Bring your aching emotions and feel them soothed.

Bring your whirling thoughts and watch them become calm and peaceful.

Bring your yearnings and let them expand into radiant desires that light your path.

Bring your unexpressed joy and set it free with delight.

Bring all of yourself and feel it welcomed, loved, cherished balanced and boosted.

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We will meet online, via Zoom, at 12.30pm BST until 5.30pm BST. We'll have breaks and the enriching content will be delivered at a gentle pace, so it's easy to absorb and will genuinely uplift you.

After our time together you will feel balanced, grounded, peaceful and anchored in your inner resourcefulness. You will feel energised, uplifted, and encouraged by knowing that all the power you need to flourish is inside you.

The cost of the Balanced and Boosted Retreat is


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