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Your Time To Thrive 

Group Coaching Programme

A 6 Week Live Coaching Programme

To Switch On Your Inner Power So You Can Thrive 

Would you like to start 2021 with a fresh new energy, feeling uplifted and empowered...and have nurturing coaching in a group to support that? 

Would you like to leave the challenges of 2020 behind and start the next year

with all your inner resources switched on so you are feeling vibrantly alive and confident that whatever 2021 brings - all is well and you can thrive?


If this sounds interesting to you - read on to find out about

my new pilot coaching programme.


The programme is based

on the Thrive Process which

is a comprehensive way of

using our heart power to step out of struggle and into an easier way of flowing with life...where we experience

more joyful fulfilment, we live our true purpose, we enjoy more playful fun, genuine pleasure and authentic

success while knowing that

this is all supported by the

kind of confidence that means

we can resiliently face any challenge that life brings.

I'm inviting you into a small group of wonderful

women that I'm bringing together to test run the pilot

of the Your Time to Thrive Coaching Programme. I'll be pouring all my heart centred focus into helping you get the most out of this programme - so I'm offering a huge amount of value for a snip of a price - to help make this an easy yes for you to join in the experience.

And you would be helping me in return if you would give me a review at the end of the programme and fill in a questionnaire that I will then use to refine the programme when I launch it fully in 2021.

If you feel you would like to be part of this

here are more details...

Josie Dads garden.jpg

There are four key areas

that all work together to make the Thrive Process so effective

1. Your heart power is your biggest ally when it comes to handling stress in challenging times. Your heart is the mechanism that takes your out of your fear and stress response and into your calm and connect response. From here you can choose to focus on the things that energise, and enrich you.

2. Your heart is the generator and guardian of all your inner powers. It is the reservoir from which you get the strengths and resources that will carry you through whatever challenge you are facing and will give you the fuel and passion to follow your dreams.

3. Your heart is your trustworthy inner guidance system. It will show you step by step how to proceed to resolve any challenge or stressful issue. It will also take you in the direction that will fulfil your potential so you experience what your soul knows you are truly capable of.

4. Your heart is the source of the most powerful healing energy in the universe. It can heal anything and everything. In utilising this you are always able to stay in a flow of enabling, supportive energy and not be held back by inner blocks.

In this group coaching programme we will weave these factors together so they become part of your daily life. 

The General Details...

  • The programme starts on the afternoon of Sunday 17th January with a group workshop to fully experience the Thrive Process I teach in this programme.

  • There will be four x 90-minute coaching sessions on Thursday evenings which will go through each of the four key areas of the thrive process and have ample time for individual coaching in the group.

  • The programme will conclude with another 90-minute group coaching call to integrate everything we have covered.

  • Each call will be recorded so you can catch up if you are not able to make a session live.

  • Each group member will have an individual 60-minute coaching session with me to help you further apply the resources of the programme to you particular circumstances.

  • There will be a private Facebook group where I will be available to support you through the programme.

Bonus –  when you book before 10th January

you get the Thrive Online Course free (cost £95)

This coaching programme is based on my

Thrive Online Course

which you can read more about here.


Special Note...

This pilot coaching programme is a progression of the Thrive Online Course.


With the online course, the main focus is switching on our inner power to face and respond to challenges. With this pilot group programme we will start there and then dive even more deeply into generating the way you want to feel for the life you

want to thriving can become your new normal.


So if you would like to start 2021 with more peace, confidence

or self-assured resilience this is your gateway to that.


Or perhaps you would like to experience more love, joy, fun and fulfilment

in ways that stay with you all through the year...?

This programme will give you a process that will take you there.

Payment in Full

One Payment of £165.

3 Monthly Payments of £57 



The coaching programme is now fully booked.

If you are interested - email me at 

to be put on the reserve list. 

I'm very excited about sharing this group programme with you because

I know it will bring such benefits...! 


So if you have any questions about how the programme can work for you then do get in touch. Email me on

or we can chat on +44 (0)1943 328013

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