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Resources and Inspiration


The Global Heartfield Meditation

This free video meditation will connect you with your heart power and fill you with its luminous energy – to enable you to then radiate that around the world, as a channel of peace, love and harmony.

Click on the image below to find out more and enjoy the FREE video.


Living from the heart is by its nature a journey to be shared.
In that spirit I am sharing with you things that have inspired me, touched me, or informed me,
as I have discovered what it means to live ever more fully from the heart.

The HeartMath Institute

The Institute of HeartMath is leading the way in showing us the true influence and significance of our hearts. They combine years of fascinating research with inspiring and empowering exercises to give us easy and effective ways of making the most of our heart power.

I Am Heart

This organisation run by Sufi Masters Suzanna and Puran Bair offers Heart Rhythm Mediation and further advanced practices. The meditation they teach is different to many approaches which guide us to transcend life. Rather, their work focuses on embodying spirit – in the heart, and so enabling us to live to the full, being grounded, effective and fully present as spirit in the world.

Open Heart Meditation

This is the site for Open Heart Meditation which was created by Irmansyah Effendi. Open Hearted Meditation is a beautiful way to enter the energy of the heart directly and experience the world from that sanctuary of peace and joy.

Christian Pankhurst and Heart IQ

Christian Pankhurst is an amazingly skilled teacher of Heart Intelligence. He is dynamic and insightful with the ability to dissolve years of conditioned resistance to living from our hearts – with a few choice and inspired words. In his live events he creates a deeply safe environment, to help us let go into our authentic selves in ways that can be profound and life transforming.

Tej Steiner and the Heart Circle Network

Christian has been greatly inspired by Tej Steiner and his work with Heart Circles, and it is easy to see why. Tej has created an approach for safely opening our hearts and sharing in groups, to gain the benefit that being real and authentic with others can bring.

Inspiration From Other Heart Teachers

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