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Align With Your Heart's Desire
Uplifting, Nurturing and Empowering
Free Monthly Group Sessions

Alternating between midweek evenings and Sunday afternoons
to give people the greatest opportunity to join

Are you lined up with what you want to experience in life?

Can you let that in and flow to you?

Are you able to receive it...and is your life ready for it?

These calls will help you say a resounding YES to all this.

These are free, 90 minute calls and will run on Zoom.

The sessions will not be recorded as the emphasis is on creating

a safe and nurturing group experience.

These are the dates for the next few months...

💚 Sunday 30th October from 3.00pm to 4.30pm

💚Wednesday 30th November from 7.00pm to 8.30pm

💚Specially extended New Year's Event - 'Align With Your Heart's Desire for 2023'
Sunday 8th January 2023 from 2.00pm to 4.30pm

💚 I will add new dates for 2023 soon

This is the Zoom link to join the calls...
Meeting ID: 889 9082 8640
Passcode: 497240
There are three main areas
of focus for these calls...
  • Sharing what we want to bring into our lives, and releasing any blocks to having it.
  • Doing a meditation together where we align with what our heart says is possible regarding this...opening up to receive it and fully experience it in our lives.
  • Sharing with each other what our next steps are as we move forward in trust towards our heart's desire.

In each part of this process, we hold a loving, high-frequency space together as group where we witness, encourage and empower each other to be in alignment with our desires becoming real.


Our heart is the perfect ally in this whole process. It is the bridge that takes us into alignment, into the place of being a match for what we want to bring to our lives. It takes us there with love, flow, joy and…deep healing if that is needed.


Our heart helps us be receptive to what we want – to make space for it. To let it in. We experience all this in a beautiful, deep and potent meditation which brings a tingling sensation of the desire fulfilled.


And it is our heart that provides the link between each one of us present and enables us to experience the bright connected field which raises us all - like a rising tide lifting all boats.

If you are on my mailing list you will get reminder emails about these calls. If you're not signed up and want reminders you can do that below...

In my Heartful Living Letters, I also share rich content about how your heart power can light up your life and make the whole business of being a human much easier and more fulfilling. a thank you for signing up, you'll have access to the Heart Wisdom Guidance Cards.

Some practical details...

These calls will not be recorded. The emphasis will be on the live experience and helping people to feel comfortable to share freely and openly.

This will be a regular monthly session, which will alternate between a Sunday afternoon and a weekday evening to give everyone the best opportunity to join. 


I will send out reminder emails in my Heartful Living Letters with all the details of the calls each month. Or you can choose to save this page where the dates will be available along with the Zoom link to join the call.

Here's the replay of the Align With Your Heart's Desire Retreat. It was an extended version of what we will be doing on the monthly calls. I invite you to watch it to get an idea of the process that we will use each month.

This is the process
of bringing yourself into alignment with what you choose in your life. Once you've experienced this - it is like having the keys
to a love-fuelled power station. 

I'm excited to share it with you in these empowering sessions.

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