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Healing Through the Heart

One to One

Emotional Healing Sessions

A 90 minute

deeply healing session

& resources for continued support



You are here…

at the shore of the ocean

of love that will bathe you.

Step into it and soak your

sore emotional wounds.


As this brings balm to the ragged

edges of your pain, you will feel them

knit together in a new way that

means you are even stronger

at those broken places.


Seams of gold where your pain used to be.

These deeply nurturing, transformative emotional healing sessions take you

directly to the source of the most powerful healing – the spacious peace

and soul-infused love in your heart.

The sessions are personalised to give you exactly the healing you need.

You can book a one-off session if you are in acute pain and need urgent relief.

Or you can book them as a series of 3 or more…if you want to enter into

a more complete healing journey.

Click here to book…

or scroll down to read more about the profound healing that your heart power can bring.

How do you handle the emotional pain that nags away constantly churning inside you? Do you numb it, drown it, avoid it,

or distract yourself from it?

Or the emotional pain that tears you apart, splits you open and makes you breathless? How do you keep going when that hits you?


Do you shut life out completely because anything else is too much to cope with?

Do you long for release from the emotional turmoil that is wrestling inside you?


Do you ache for a way to soothe the raw hurt?


Are you desperate to ease the pain so you could hold it more lightly and it wouldn’t burn through you and make you feel sick.


Something in you knows that you could feel more peace. You just haven’t found a way to reach it yet.

Something in you knows that numbing the pain as a way of coping only leads to more pain in the long run. It knows that there is another path, away from the cliff edge of addictive behaviours.

You can be sure that there is a part of you that knows this – because you are reading this page.

In Your Healing Through The Heart Session You Get...
  • A deeply healing session of 90 minutes

  • A discount of 10% on any further Healing Through The Heart Sessions 

  • A beautiful healing meditation MP4 for continued support

  • An in-depth follow up email support session

  • A recording of the session for you to revisit the healing you experience


Are you longing for ease from emotional pain?

Something in you has ached so much for release and relief that it has searched for

what you are reading now, hunted it down.

The ‘something’ that has been searching – is also the part of you that can bring in the healing.

The searching part of you is wise…comes from your depths, from your deepest core.

It is your deep heart.

You have found it. So oohhh…you can breathe a sigh of relief.

You can start to let go now. The process of finding ease and comfort is already beginning.

Right now as you read this.

Your heart knows that you don’t need to be

burdened with this pain, carrying it like a heavy, sickening weight. Your heart is the most powerful

healer of emotional wounds and pain. It is the place where the vast ocean of love that has the power to create worlds is physically anchored in you.


It is immense, it can handle anything.

Nothing is too big, dark or terrifying for

this vast reservoir of healing in your heart.

Bring all your darkest fears, murky dread,

the things that you dare not speak of,

the things that feel too heavy,

broken or shameful.

Bring all your emotional wounds

The grief that is dissolving you

The terror that is freezing you solid

The nameless ache that is consuming you

The burning anger that makes your body shake

Or…the disturbing feeling that something just isn’t right

Bring it all – it will be safe here…accepted, received, held

It will be surrounded by a welcoming warmth that allows the pain to move through you.

You can start to lay this burden down now.

If you are grieving, bring that all here and feel it cradled so gently you can breathe again for the first time in ages. Sense your heart hold you safe as you grieve, letting the pain flow and flow…as it needs to…until you experience comfort and peace.


If you are feeling abandoned, lost, alone…bring your isolation into the place and feel yourself to be embraced by a love that has always known you, has walked alongside you for every step of your life, has smiled though your eyes, cried through your tears, has constantly cherished you and will never leave you.


If you feel anger or rage…open up to that wild energy. Feel how your expansive heart matches it with understanding, acceptance and a love so huge your fury can be expressed safely, honestly and clearly without fear of it burning out of control and damaging you or others.


If you are depressed, hopeless or despairing…your heart will welcome you in and hold you safely, warmly and lovingly while it feeds you with a strength that you might not have felt for a very long time. Drop into your heart and begin the journey back into wholeness, hope and trust.


If you are feeling the bite of self-criticism or sucked into a swamp of shame, bring that here too. Your heart will show you that you don’t need to be defined by shame or self-critical thoughts. Who you truly are goes far beyond that. When you are connected to the expansive healing energy of your heart, you can experience the peace and freedom that comes from fully knowing this.


Whatever emotional distress might be moving through you, gripping you, swallowing you up…you will find that you can let it go more fully than you ever thought possible when you drop it into the infinite love in your heart. You will find that it is taken with the greatest tenderness and that in return you are given gifts such as deep peace, profound insight, wise guidance, joyful freedom, or exquisite love.


This is something beyond what can be put into words. Our minds can’t fathom how we can shift from grief, despair or anger to be reborn into peace or bliss. It is indeed something that is experienced beyond the mind and has the possibility to change you forever.

In a Healing Through the Heart session with me, you will enter this state of healing yourself.

I will guide you into it step by step in ways that are sensitively attuned to exactly

what you need at the time. We will go at a pace that is just right for you,

to a depth that is perfect for you.


You and I will be led by your heart wisdom and as a result, you will come to know

what a profound treasure you carry within you. It has always been there to offer its healing,

love and transformational gifts. Now is the time to access them,

use them and make them part of your life.

Cost of sessions

1 x 90mins session – £95

3 x 90mins session – £255

If you would like to make use of this

discounted offer let me know and I will

send you a discount code.

Do you want to feel the healing your heart can bring?

'Josie is a highly skilled therapist, life coach and healer, well earthed and well balanced, working

from and with the heart. She can work on many different levels, from more practical down to earth

counselling and psychotherapeutic techniques, to very deep spiritual and heart-based healing techniques, including inner child work and sacred visualisations etc. As well as having multiple strings to her bow,

Josie is highly intuitive, compassionate, intelligent and wise, keeping you very safe and allowing you

to work at your own pace. She has helped me to take some major steps forward on my journey,

especially helping me to contact my own heart, so instead of just relying on my masculine mind

and logic most of the time, I am also now able to start feeling and trusting the love

and guidance in my heart. Thank you, Josie.'

Chris - Leeds

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