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of Kindness

5 Day Online Challenge

From 20th to 24th July 2020


I'll be hosting the festival in my free facebook group...

The Heart Power Revolution

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In this online challenge, you'll learn about the amazing power of kindness, including the science about why it has such a positive effect on you. You’ll learn a wonderful step that makes it easy to do.

You’ll experience it lighting up your life and you’ll have a chance of winning a gift

that boosts your experience of kindness even more…!

Come to the festival to find out more about the 

Prize Draw

This is festival season and while this year we can’t go to the sort of festival where we jostle together

in crowds with wellies, sun hats and face paint, this is one festival that we can enjoy to the full.

So join me for a fun celebration of kindness…let’s celebrate it, learn about it, talk about it, do it, share it,

sing about it, lead with it, journal about it, create more of it, be creative with it, BE it…fill our world with it…!

Here's what we'll be doing over the 5 days of the festival


Day 1 

The Power of Kindness...diving into what kindness IS. Looking at the science of it, the impact of it and the value of it.

Day 2

Making it Easier to Do...kindness is an organic aspect of being heart centred. When we connect with our heart we can give freely from an overflow of loving energy which starts with being kind to ourselves first.

Day 3

Actions of Kindness...enjoying being kindness - that turns into doing kindness, for your self and your world. 

Day 4

Circulating Kindness...sending a wave of kindness, using the power of the internet as we share, share, share - the acts of kindness that light us up.

Day 5

Celebrating Kindness...with our Festival Headliners. Two guests who are kindness specialists to help us truly celebrate as we announce the prize winners.


In true festival style, each day there will be a number of things for you to explore and enjoy in a relaxed and laid back way.


There will be a 'sort of' main stage thing, with other things to wander around and take in.


What this actually means is there will

be a main video each day - with the challenge for the theme of the day and prompts to help you get the most from it.


Then also each day there will be inspiring videos, book reviews, songs, and other uplifting, heart-opening things that help us bring kindness into our lives more fully.  

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The Heart Power Revolution

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20th to 24th July 2020

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I’m Josie and I am excited to share this Festival with you, because I believe that you and I have the most amazing power. We have that power in us right now. This power is free, always available and can change

the world. It’s the power of kindness.

I want to celebrate this, learn more about it, share in it and dive deeply into it. I want to personally become it more. And I want to live in a world where it is not just something we do from time to time but is like the air that we breathe, the language we all speak and the common ground we all stand on.

If this idea is something that lights you up too join me in the #festivalofkindnesschallenge and let’s switch on and share this power together.

And by the way…I’m a Transformational Coach and Licensed HeartMath Coach on a mission to help

people access the immense power of their hearts to heal, guide and empower them. I live in wildly beautiful Yorkshire in the UK and always have some sort of song in my head which means I’m often seen dancing in the supermarket.

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