Welcoming Grace

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This is my first blog post on the Heartful Living Blog…! So I’m celebrating. There is a lovely synchronicity to this, because I am also celebrating the launch TODAY of the book ‘365 Moments of Grace’. I am a contributor along with over 250 other authors who have written from their hearts about a moment of grace that has illuminated their lives. You can open this beautiful book at any page to give yourself a grace-filled boost to your day, and also explore the abundance of gifts that the authors have offered. There are almost 100 to choose from, including my gift to you…the Living From Your Heart Meditation. This is a 30 mins MP3 which will give you a direct experience of what it feels like to live from your heart.

You can purchase the book on the link below through Amazon – then access your free gifts…

Welcoming Grace…it is already here…

Since being a contributor for the book 365 Moments of Grace, I have been exploring at greater depth – what grace is and how I experience it. I recognise that I previously had a hazier perception of grace, where I viewed it as something bestowed on me if I was in the right place at the right time, or my stars were aligned. That has shifted.

I now see grace as an ever-present field of beneficent loving power which is always available, ready to fill our lives with light, support, insight and beauty. I have noticed that I can open myself to this field, make myself available to receive it, and welcome it in. Then grace flows as gentle nurturing constant.

I wonder if a more dramatic perception of what grace is – has evolved from religious dogma that told us we had to be worthy of grace. We have not been educated to receive grace as a norm, rather we see it as rare, unusual and extraordinary. Then because we actually ARE loved by the universe and constantly supported – there are moments in time when grace literally has to burst through the barrier of our low expectations, and we have experiences that seem to be magical, unexpected events where the heavens open and we see with new eyes.

What if the magical unexpected energy…was expected…and part of our everyday life?

What would it require from us to be so open to the miraculous that we took grace to be a normal part of our day?

What would your life be like if you knew yourself to be so adored by the universe that receiving grace was as normal breathing?

These are all questions that I am dancing with, and I find the answers is lighting me up with delightful beauty and power. I find…YES…grace is here for us in each moment…we just have to be ready to allow it to touch us, to bless us…to flow to us. When we welcome it in – we find it is always flowing to us in some form.

The book ‘365 Moments of Grace’ is a clear testament to this ever-present field of grace that is constantly available to us, waiting to bless us in ways that are perfect for us personally. Each page is filled with a different moment of grace. Soak yourself in them, open yourself up to them…knowing that the grace-filled blessings that have been a real part of the contributors lives – can also fill your life the same gifts.

You can order it here…

Maybe as you read the 365 experiences of grace in the book, you will play with the question ‘how can I welcome grace into my life today?’

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